Accounting & Invoicing - Simplified for Carbon

Mars and Marley


Mars and Marley


February 6, 2024

Accounting & Invoicing - Simplified for Carbon

Alcove brings powerful carbon specificity and guardrails out of the box to build trust, transparency, and speed for stakeholders across the value chain. Showcasing the high integrity data behind your carbon credits has never been easier. 

Last year, we released a suite of CRM integrations to bring carbon-specific context into customer management and all stages of a deal for project developers, as well as a partnership with Shopify to empower project developers to leverage the industry-leading commerce platform. This is an integral part of our product philosophy – centralizing workflows via powerful integrations and partnerships that enable teams to leverage best-in-class tooling in one place. 

Today, we are releasing the next set of our enterprise tools integrations, built to empower project developers FinOps – Accounting and Invoicing. 

The financial ecosystem of carbon is complex. Oftentimes, there are large, bespoke sales, with unique payment plans and timelines – spanning across years from origination to final fulfillment. Once all the hard work of selling carbon and getting a deal signed has been completed, the complexities of managing payment and delivery begins. These carbon-specific nuances put a massive burden on internal finance operations by having to manually issue and track invoices and to communicate updates to other internal stakeholders.

That’s where Alcove comes in. The existing tools in the market today have yet to solve the unique needs of the carbon industry, which is why our suite of Accounting Software integrations delivers automation and seamless stakeholder management to project developers’ fingertips.

Alcove now integrates into a project developers’ existing accounting software to streamline the way developers get paid. Now, your team can use Alcove’s unique carbon workflows to power these actions in real-team:

  • Issue invoices reflecting complex, multi-stage deal structures and delivery timelines 
  • Create unique payment plans through installments, deposits, or pre-payments
  • Automate fulfillment of orders upon successful payment
  • Automatically track payment updates of invoices linked to Alcove orders

Selling carbon is hard and managing the complex life cycle that comes with each signed contract is even harder – with Alcove’s suite of integrations and carbon management platform, it doesn’t have to be. 

If you are using Quickbooks, NetSuite, Xero, or any industry leading accounting platform, you can save time and headaches. Alcove is excited to help. Leverage Alcove’s intuitive accounting and invoice linking user interfaces to seamlessly manage changes.

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