Comprehensive Project Fulfillment: How Alcove Drives Visibility and Flexibility for Complex Orders and Transactions

Mars and Marley


Mars and Marley


September 25, 2023

Comprehensive Project Fulfillment: How Alcove Drives Visibility and Flexibility for Complex Orders and Transactions

This summer, we saw the demand for high quality carbon credits reach new heights – JP Morgan spent $200M on credits from Charm Industrial and Climeworks, and Microsoft likewise spent $200M on 315k tons of carbon from Heirloom. 

These contracts are highly complex, involving tons of carbon that have not even been removed yet and won’t be for up to ten years into the future. 

So, how can suppliers track and fulfill their order obligations with the highest degree of confidence and data integrity? The answer is that there isn’t digital infrastructure that can robustly track this yet – that’s why we built a first of its kind, Comprehensive Fulfillment feature set, on the Alcove platform directly collaborating with best-in-class suppliers and brokers. 

Comprehensive Fulfillment allows teams to view, fulfill, and automate upcoming delivery obligations through notifications, forecasting, and distinguishment between projected and deliverable credits. 

We knew that this feature set would require database-level guardrails and integrity. Our engineering team overhauled our data schema to superpower suppliers to log a complete record of their projections, as well as differentiated product types and features, backed by base units that accurately measure their unique operations and contracts. 

From there, our product enables suppliers to realize and fulfill orders from any given project & vintage by categorizing carbon into two fundamental inventory segmentations for projects: 

  1. Forecasted Inventory – How much a supplier expects to produce across vintages for a given project. Here, we prevent projects from being oversold.
  1. Realized Inventory – What your project actually removes/reduces in real-time. Now, we can start to fulfill sales orders per vintage and notify buyers.

This is where revenue and sales optimization can start to become really interesting to the supplier without running the risk of overselling, underselling, or being in flat-out contract violations. Now, suppliers have robust data infrastructure to effectively scale out complex orders and transactions, with the sound knowledge that every unit of carbon is accounted for, in perpetuity, by Alcove. Never worry about the transition from forecasts to realization and how that interfaces with your customers again. 

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