Announcing Alcove

Mars and Marley


Mars and Marley


February 14, 2023

Announcing Alcove

What We Believe

Here at Alcove, we believe the future of climate tech begins by empowering scientific experts with the tools they need to scale the global decarbonization effort. Limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C will be impossible without carbon removal and reduction – of which software plays a critical role in scaling effectively and globally. 

Over the last 10 months, our team has spoken to nearly 200 companies decarbonizing the planet across different technology verticals. From these discussions, two crystal-clear patterns emerged:

  1. There are so many incredible teams making science fiction a reality and saving the planet in the process by building decarbonization technologies, such as direct air capture, biochar, mineralization, enhanced weathering, and renewable energies. 
  2. Software has not caught up to hardware in climate tech.

Who We Are

Every decarbonization company will be as, or more, essential to our society as banks, healthcare, and other global institutions. The climate crisis is certain, it is here, and there are already teams doing the herculean work of cooling our planet. And yet these teams, on their path to institutionalizing decarbonization, are using legacy systems and retrofitting generic, outdated software to support the rollout of their world-saving technologies.

Alcove is the software infrastructure purpose-built for the decarbonization industry, the next generation of institutional companies. Over the past few months, we quietly built our first product, an inventory management system for carbon credits, and are already serving some incredible decarbonization companies. From providers that bring clean energy to the dirtiest parts of the grid to projects ambitiously scaling direct air capture projects (DAC) on the heels of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), we have learned their workflows, pain points, and joys, inside and out. 

“Clearloop is on a mission to activate more parts of the economy to decarbonize the grid and boost the economic benefits of renewable energy in the communities that can benefit the most. We are proud to partner with mission-aligned and innovative companies like Alcove to integrate tools that make data reporting transparent and simplify our capabilities for any size company to tackle their carbon needs while expanding access to clean energy."

- Laura Zapata, Clearloop CEO and Co-Founder

Already powering hundreds of thousands of credits on our platform, we are humbled by the growth and traction we’ve seen as a small team obsessed with solving the complex commercialization challenges every decarbonization company faces as they scale from 1 project to 100 projects and beyond. We leave the science to them, and the software systems that make scale possible to us.

At the core of Alcove is a team with not only deep software expertise, but also deep personal commitments to dedicate our skill sets to the climate crisis. Our team has served in the highest office in Congress on the IRA, supported investment into top-tier climate companies, and built successful startups from their earliest days. We bring decades of combined experience from companies like Google, Carta, Dropbox, and Datadog and personal histories of learning the effects of the climate crisis first-hand.

Our Journey So Far

And so it is with immense excitement that we have come out of stealth, launched our first product in market, and are announcing that we have raised a total of $3M led by Alexis Ohanian at 776 and Chauncey Hamilton and Ross Fubini at XYZ, with participation from stellar angels, such as former First Round partner Rob Hayes, Okta Chief Architect Craig Weissman, marketing executive Emily Kramer, and fellow climate founder James Richards

“The world cannot meet its net zero ambitions without fully scaled decarbonization solutions. Alcove is tackling supply-side scaling problems head-on with a platform that will become an essential building block in the decarbonization infrastructure necessary to power the future climate economy.”

- Alexis Ohanian, Founder, Seven Seven Six

“Alcove’s cofounders, Mars and Marley, execute with immense velocity and customer empathy. They’ve hired an exceptional team to go after this massive opportunity – building the system of record for the decarbonization industry. We couldn’t be more excited about their progress or the journey ahead.”

- Ross Fubini and Chauncey Hamilton, XYZ Venture Capital 

The Path We Are On

Here at Alcove, we are avid listeners, precision builders, and relentless supporters of the coolest teams on the planet. If you are on a team working on carbon operations and credits (or more broadly making science fiction a real, deployed technology at commercial scale)  please reach out to us at 

We can’t wait to serve you.